Friday, October 4, 2013

A Clear Understanding on Toxic Air

These days, most households have been more concerned of breathing quality clean air, which gave them reasons to consider on having an Austin air cleaner in the home. We understand that the air we breathe is no longer safe. As air become more toxic, more health problems and other diseases also rise. So, you may want to have a clear your mind on what toxic air is all about.

Breathing Fresh Air

Toxic Air Pollutants

This is also known as hazardous air pollutants. Keep in mind that a personal air cleaner is designed to keep the air we breathe safe and free from contaminants and that includes these harmful contaminants that mixes with indoor air. There are pollutants that are known to cause cancer. These are examples of toxic air pollutants. These are found in gasoline as it releases benzene which is known to cause cancer and other serious health effects. Other than that, did you know that a simple dry cleaning facility emits toxic air? It releases perchloroethylene. Keep in mind that these toxic air pollutants can never be visible in the naked eye. Thus, this is where indoor air purifiers come in. Not only that, the Environmental Protection Agency in the US is working with the state and the local and tribal government in order to reduce the air toxic or the recorded 187 pollutants to the environment.

Where does toxic air come from?

Toxic air pollutants can be found everywhere. It can originate from any man-made sources which include mobile sources such as trucks, cars, buses, and other vehicles. Other than that, factories, power plants and refineries are sources of toxic air pollutants. In addition, there are also toxic air pollutants found indoor. Some building materials and other cleaning solvents emit air pollutants that can be harmful for health. This is the reason good air purifiers are placed indoors to filter and clean the air we breathe. Lastly, nature also releases toxic air. Volcanic eruption and forest fires are sources of toxic air.

Exposed to Air Toxics

At this point, you may have the knowledge on what an air toxic pollutant is. You need to understand that anyone exposed to this air pollutant have greater chances of getting health risks.

Once you breathe on contaminated air, you will be prone to health risks. Consider on the tobacco smoke and its odors where only the best air cleaner for smokers can be the best tool to clean and filter the air indoor.

Not only can you be exposed to air toxics, eating contaminated food products such as the fish from contaminated waters. Other than that, meat, milk, and other dairy products from animals that are fed from contaminated plants can be prone to health risks.

In addition, drinking water contaminated by these air toxics can result to health conditions. Therefore, it is always wise to be safe and most of all be concerned on the air toxics pollutants. This way, any chances of getting these health risks such as cancer and other serious skin, respiratory and other ailments will be avoided.  


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